NAGASE Integrated Report 2020 Questionnaire Based on your feedback and opinions, we will work to further improve and expand our integrated reports in the future.
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1. How useful was the report for understanding NAGASE? *
2. Why did you read the report? (Multiple responses accepted) *
3. Were you able to quickly find the information you wanted? *
4. What do you think about the amount of information and number of pages? *
5. Which page was most useful? (Choose the one page which you found most useful.) *
6. How was the design? *
7. What format did you read the report in? (Multiple response accepted) *
8. Do you hold any NAGASE shares? *
9. In what capacity did you read the report? *
10. If possible, please tell us your age.
11. Please write down any opinions or comments (elements of the report you found particularly interesting, etc.) you may have, or information you would like to see in the integrated report.