Free Gift Questionnaire

Thank you for your cooperation in filling out our questionnaire about the Tateyama Kurobe Option Ticket. There are a total of ten questions.
Everyone who shows the final screen at the Murodo Tourist Information Center (Murodo Terminal, first floor) will receive a free gift (one per person).
While supplies last.
Designs are subject to change.

* : Required Items
1. Sex *
2. What is your nationality? *
3. How did you learn about the Tateyama Kurobe Option Ticket? (Multiple answers allowed) *
4. How many times have you visited the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (including this time)? *
5. Who are you visiting with? *
6. What is the purpose of your visit to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route? Select all that apply. *
7. Which of the following routes are you using? *
8. If there had been no Tateyama Kurobe Option Ticket, what would you have done? *
9. Did you use a pass in conjunction with your Tateyama Kurobe Option Ticket? *
10. At which airport did you arrive in Japan? *